More than educational, physical and mental attributes one may have, a person’s success in life will, in fact, be determined by their character. It will decide how far a person goes and how long they stay there. According to a recent study, character determines not only our success but also our happiness. Rather than reading a character book and forgetting it, this book gives you a proven way to easily and enjoyably engraft these traits in your heart so you can act on them automatically and never forget them. This concept is so powerful, reviewers are calling this book “The silver bullet we’ve been looking for.” and saying it can incredibly “save the next generation.”

We certainly need the saving work of Jesus Christ but a recent study by TV evangelist John Ankerburg revealed that 78% of the children born to Christian homes in America will lose their faith by the time they graduate from either high school or college. This enjoyable study of character will stop that horrible loss from happening.

Studying these character traits will easily double or triple a person’s confidence, capability and life accomplishments.

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Winston Menzies is a master teacher who has provided us with a life-changing manual filled who the practical foundational building-blocks of character. Each character quality is a conversation with “life couch” Winston Menzies, whereupon you can construct your life’s foundation. Arrange the traits in the priority you want to first apply. Do you want a life of adventure, true success and fulfill dreams without regret and sorrow? Take a few minutes each day to study The Character Trait Journal, then practice the application as he instructs and your life will be transformed into the life you’ve always dreamed of. But don’t stop with yourself! When read together as a family, perhaps at the dinner table, The Character Trait Journal will anchor your children in the practical applications of character. It will reward you with a generation who can grow into mighty oak trees! Thank you Brother Menzies for this timeless, priceless gift of character training!

Bob Bird Pastor, The Lighthouse of Hope Church & President, Bird Family Insulation Conyers, Georgia

Bravo! Winston Menzies’ new book,The Character Trait Journal, helps parents do something really special for their children by giving them a bite sized, practical way to build biblical character into their lives. It does so in easy to read chapters that help you teach your kids not the “what” to be: cute, funny, or popular but the “who” it be: grateful, brave, persistent. It teaches them who they can be in Christ. If character counts, and it does,The Character Trait Journal is not only a must read but it is also a must have tool for every parent who wants to gain character personally, as well as raise the net generation of faithful, successful, God honoring Americans.

Brant Frost IV
President, First Liberty Building & Loan