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THE CHARACTER TRAIT JOURNAL More than educational, physical and mental attributes one may have, a person’s success in life will, in fact, be determined by their character. It will decide how far a person goes and how long they stay there. According to a recent study, character determines not only our success but also our happiness. Rather than reading a character book and forgetting it, this book gives you a proven way to easily and enjoyably engraft these traits in your heart so you can act on them automatically and not forget them.

THE SPIRIT OF TEXAS The true story of an immigrant boy born in Scotland who sails to North America with his parents when he was a year and a half old to live first in Canada and then New York City. How he came to Texas at twenty-one and with nothing but a wooden box of carpentry tools built a large family and an even larger ranching operation in West Texas. It gives you an inside look at the epic struggle they had with Indians, outlaws, Mexicans, droughts, floods, pestilence and a thousand other things to build this beautiful but hard-fought life for his family.

Everything You Need to Start WRITING BOOKS This helpful book gives tremendous encouragement why you can and should write a book. It tells how to choose a powerful title and how to get the outside help everyone needs. It also includes how to find a publisher, how to self-publish and how to market your book as well as how to get a bar code and put it on Amazon.

BEING GOD’S MAN Everybody in life is somebody’s man: the company man, the union man, the political man, the corporate man, the devil’s man, their own man or God’s man. This 75 page booklet and series of four audio presentations give us the twenty aspects of being God’s man.

CALLED TO LEAD This series of three audio presentations shows men how to be what God has called every one of them to be: an effective leader. The author says he would give a million dollars to know the information in this teaching series when he was a very young man.

HOW TO BUILD A DEBT FREE HOME This 28 page booklet and series of three audio presentations shows the importance of living debt free and how to actually build your own home DEBT FREE.

HOW TO BUY A GREAT USED CAR Most people only buy one or two houses in a life time but they buy many, many cars. It shows you [1] how to determine value in a used car, [2] what to look for when buying a used car and [3] how to negotiate your purchase [4] the effects of depreciation and [5] how to get it to work for you. Also where to buy cars below the market and how to actually make money buying and selling used cars.

PRUDENCE It is well agreed that wisdom is certainly a valuable thing in life but it doesn’t dwell alone. Prudence is actually wisdom’s foundation. This is a ten audio series of presentations on each aspect of prudence no one would ever want to venture through this life without.

SECRETS OF PRAYER THAT AVAILS MUCH Realizing we only get where we pray to in life, an effective prayer is very important. This is a five audio presentation series on how to have a prayer life that avails much.

THE FULFILLED LIFE IN CHRIST Everybody thinks they want to be happy but they really want to be fulfilled. This series of four audio presentations and 123 page booklet shows how a person can find and implement God’s plan for their life. It also, most importantly, shows how to build your personal, family and financial life on the Rock. Failing to do so, as we know, will cause our life to fall apart completely.

THE SUCCESS SECRET OF THE AGES This 59 page booklet is imperative reading for everyone. We can live here under the curse or live under God’s blessing while on this planet. There are only two choices. This information will pay you dividends for the rest of your life

TOTAL VICTORY This is a four audio presentation series that tells how important it is to live in victory and then tells the listener how to walk in victory over the world, the flesh and the devil.

WALKING IN DIVINE FAVOR Many people go through life bouncing form one problem to the next suffering reproof and failure. Their life is full of loss. This four audio presentation series shows how to walk in favor with God, those in authority, your peers and your own family.

The ABC’s of Winning Phone Etiquette Ninety percent of the decisions that will be made about you in life will be on the phone and in five seconds the other person is going to decide if they like you and want to help you. This book tells how to make a great first impression