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Due to his father’s military career, Winston was born on a military base in Nevada and spent his childhood living all over the United States, including in Texas many times. After leaving high school, he returned to the family’s home state to attend college, graduating from Texas A&M where he received his pilot’s license and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army.

“I would like for people to recognize that God created them for a reason and that they have the genius to do something important with their lives.”

Winston Menzies

What Others Are Saying About The Character Trait JournalBob Bird - Pastor, The Lighthouse of Hope Church & President, Bird Family Insulation Conyers, Georgia
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A MASTER TEACHER. A TRANSFORMING BOOK. Winston Menzies is a master teacher who has provided us with a life-changing manual filled who the practical foundational building-blocks of character. Each character quality is a conversation with "life couch" Winston Menzies, whereupon you can construct your life's foundation. Arrange the traits in the priority you want to first apply. Do you want a life of adventure, true success and fulfill dreams without regret and sorrow? Take a few minutes each day to study The Character Trait Journal, then practice the application as he instructs and your life will be transformed into the life you've always dreamed of. But don't stop with yourself! When read together as a family, perhaps at the dinner table, The Character Trait Journal will anchor your children in the practical applications of character. It will reward you with a generation who can grow into mighty oak trees! Thank you Brother Menzies for this timeless, priceless gift of character training!
What Others Are Saying About The Character Trait JournalBrant Frost IV - President, First Liberty Building & Loan
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Bravo! Winston Menzies' new book,The Character Trait Journal, helps parents do something really special for their children by giving them a bite sized, practical way to build biblical character into their lives. It does so in easy to read chapters that help you teach your kids not the "what" to be: cute, funny, or popular but the "who" it be: grateful, brave, persistent. It teaches them who they can be in Christ. If character counts, and it does,The Character Trait Journal is not only a must read but it is also a must have tool for every parent who wants to gain character personally, as well as raise the net generation of faithful, successful, God honoring Americans.
What Others Are Saying About The Spirit Of Texas John Sauers - Tea Party Founder Loganville, Georgia
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AN EXCITING ACCOUNT. A RICH, EXCITING STORY. "The Spirit of Texas" is a historical family insight of one state's reflection of "American Exceptionalism." Raw, rugged men and women of noble character building a nation from grit, courage and compassion. A free, industrious people, unyielding to defeat and seeing their cut of cloth as identical to our Framers who were independent, self-reliant and God-fearing. The "Texas Spirit" is still alive today and that Lone Star still carries the weight of 50 not bowing to perverse ideology but acknowledging the laws of nature and nature's Creator. That spirit still stands today as a "beacon of light" in our schools, churches, centers of commerce and government for a whole nation to draw upon.
What Others Are Saying About The Spirit Of TexasLee Weddell Puckitt - Immediate Past President Texas Sheep and Goat raisers Assn.
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AN EXCITING ACCOUNT. Bravo! The Spirit of Texas tells the truth about the real Texas and the people who first settled it. Being raised in this ranching territory as a descendant of ranching families, I can testify that this is a genuine story of a West Texas pioneer family that managed to succeed in spite of many hardships. Through these difficulties and their love for the Lord they became stronger. The spirit of Texas is still alive and well today in this great state because of our ancestors' true grit and independent spirit. God bless Texas!
What Others Are Saying About The Spirit Of TexasTim Lambert - President Texas Home School Coalition Loganville, Georgia
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"The Spirit of Texas is the story of one family's heritage, the building of their ranches as well as their participation in the construction of the great state of Texas around them. It is a wonderful personal story that will engage and delight many Texans young and old and would be a perfect supplement to Texas History for students and adults alike. It is not one of those histories that has been "sanitized" to remove any reference to our ancestors' Christian faith but faithfully presents life as the pioneer Texans lived, worked, struggled and died for it."
What Others Are Saying About The Spirit Of TexasForrest M. Mims III "The Country Scientist" Writer for Scientific Journals and the San Antonio Express-News Named one of the "50 Best Scientists" by Discover Magazine
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Among the sons of Scotland are famous explorers and botanists who visited faraway lands including one who was the first European to ascend Hawaii's mighty Mauna Loa and another was first to the North Pole. They discovered new plants and animals and performed grand experiments. William Menzies, the subject of his biography, called The Spirit of Texas was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and as a baby immigrated to Canada with his family in 1856. He settled in West Texas, where he met and married Letha Ann Chastain in 1888.
The Spirit of Texas, written by his great-grandson Winston Menzies, records how his great-grandparents survived against all manner of trials, prospered and raised eight children on a remote Texas ranch by the San Saba River. They succeeded by their faith in God, hard work and dedication to family and to one another. The Menzies story is an intriguing, adventuresome reminder of the pioneering spirit that made rural Texas so unique. It is also an admonition of how we have abandoned so much of what made this nation possible. As the author observes in his epilogue, "If we lose the history of where we came from, we certainly won't know where we are going. God help us to at least leave it the way we found it and, hopefully, by His grace, make it even a little better."