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Character Trait for August 25th, 2011
Ask the Lord to make this part of your character. We can all improve by acquiring positive character traits that will bless our entire life as well as our performance for Him. Ever wonder what makes the difference between a general and a major in the Army? In a word, character. Character is always the arbiter. A major will do an average job most of the time but a general will do an excellent job all of the time. They say if scientists could take all the minerals and compounds out of our bodies and sell them on the open market with no deduction for the cost of extraction, we would each be worth about two dollars and seventy-five cents. Realizing also that each of us is just a sack of protoplasm that is about 75% water and the rest is made completely of dirt, we should hope to be the sum total of our character. What is the content of your character? We all have room for improvement and should be trying to improve daily. Here is what it means to have the character trait of CONVICTIONS:

- An extremely strong persuasion

- Total allegiance to a set of principles of right and wrong

- Holding to certain core beliefs in oneís conscience

- Being fully convinced about something, so much so that you would die for these things

- Being fully persuaded to the point of personal identity with the concept or prospect

Remember, the effort expended to improve your character will not pay you back one for one. It will pay you back in a multiplied fashion day after day and year after year, making you more valuable to God and your present generation.

It is also important to note that a manís reputation is just what others perceive you to be at some point in time. It usually has little to do with reality, can change like the weather and is all about one thing: perception. Forget about your reputation. Character is the real thing. It will determine both who you are and what you become. In His name,

Your servant,

Winston Menzies

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