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Winston Menzies wife DonnaWINSTON pastors Greater Grace Church, a non-denominational, spirit-filled church in Covington. He also oversees an evangelical ministry serving a number of prisons, jails and youth development centers in the north Georgia area. He is the director of Cars for Christ, Manna Ministries (gives food to the needy) and the Shepherd's House, a residential recovery home helping troubled youth restructure their lives. He is happily married to the love of his life, Donna. She helps with secretarial work, sings with the church praise team and is a great homemaker. Winston says she is the happiest when she has her hands in the dirt. Flowers, shrubs and gardens are her favorite things in life other than loving God.

AS AN AUTHOR Winston has written a dozen books on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from simple how-to steps for building a debt-free home to practical guidance for living a more fulfilled life in Christ. Following the adage to "write what you know" Winston's choice of subject matter, like his life, reflects the rugged individualism that is his heritage.
As the son of a World War II instructor pilot, Winston followed suit, commissioned as a lieutenant in the United States Army upon his graduation from Texas A&M. After a successful military career, he then entered the private sector, enjoying additional success in the areas of real estate, building and design before being called into the ministry at the age of 44. His writing expresses the wide range of both secular and spiritual experiences he has enjoyed.
His latest work, THE CHARACTER TRAIT JOURNAL, More than educational, physical and mental attributes one may have, a person's success in life will, in fact, be determined by their character. It will decide how far a person goes and how long they stay there. According to a recent study, character determines not only our success but also our happiness. Rather than reading a character book and forgetting it, this book gives you a proven way to easily and enjoyably engraft these traits in your heart so you can act on them automatically and not forget them. This concept is so powerful, reviewers are calling this book "The silver bullet we've been looking for." and saying it can incredibly "save the next generation."
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